Our team of real estate agents in Buderim know that every person has unique goals, different financial plans and changing circumstances. Just as no two people are exactly the same, neither are their plans for the future and for this reason, our team of real estate agents are experts in designing custom marketing plans to suit your unique requirements. Our staff will take the time to listen and find out exactly what you need and then craft a program to suit. We relish the opportunity to put our marketing systems up against any agency in Buderim to show you how we do things better. Our focus is entirely on marketing your home and not on self-promotion. Call and book a meeting with one of our sales team to discuss how we will sell your property for the best price in timely manner. As a business we only succeed when you receive a great experience and walk away as one of our many happy customers.


Property values are always changing. Our team of the best real estate agents in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast offers the latest in property valuation technology. Corelogic's "Auto Valuation" is used by every major bank, financial institution and valuation company across Australia. We offers these real estate valuation reports as a complimentary service to all of our clients. Setting a market value sale price is fundamental in attracting buyers to the property and ensuring a successful sale. Get your report today.


Once you have made the decision to sell, to actually listing the property can take as little time as a week depending on the condition of your home. Then starts the sale process and if done well it won't be long before you see a SOLD sign out the front. We’ve streamlined the process for sellers and have provided tips for preparing your home for the market. First impressions are the key to securing a sale.

1. Deciding to sell

Many factors can prompt the decision to sell – anything from debt reduction, upgrading to more space, a new strategy for property investment or seeking new horizons. Different times of the year can be more popular than others but buyers are out purchasing real estate on the Sunshine Coast all year round. Keep a close eye on what is happening in your local real estate market and then make the decision based on what will benefit your personal situation.

2. Property preparation and staging

It's time to attend to any ongoing maintenance issues and conduct a complete and thorough cleanup. The goal is for your property to be absolutely immaculate. Your real estate agent can provide the best advice on what is required from landscaping to furniture staging if required.

3. Deciding on the best real estate agent

This choice can be make or break in the sales process. Appointing a great real estate agent will ensure you property is marketed correctly and this will help create more competition and lead to a higher sale price. Some real estate agents request the seller pay huge amounts of money to market the property known as VPA ( vendor paid  advertising ). This is done primarily to ensure that if the property doesn't sell then the Real estate owner is not out of pocket and the Seller will bare all the costs and expenses if the real estate agents doesn't perform and deliver a sale. BMP Buderim real estate agents on the Sunshine Coast believe in putting their money where there mouth is. Our highly trained agents know very well that if the marketing is done correctly, the property will sell every time and for that reason we provide all the marketing free of charge including professional photography, detailed floor plans, high quality brochures and internet listing on and other property websites. Take the time interview local agents when making the decision. Once the decision has been made you will then sign a appointment of agent agreement known as a Form 6 and this document will detail the agreed commission and the length of time for the appointment which is typically 90 days.

4. Method of Sale - Auction or For Sale

During the discussion with your real estate agent they would have dicussed the 2 methods of sale being Auction or For Sale. Most good agents will always recommend and Auction to start with for 2 main reasons - 1: The type of contract presented at an Auction has no conditions like finance and building and pest inspection and is cash in 30 days. 2: Auctions create competition between the buyers and this has the effect of driving the price up. Your real estate agent will advise you of the process for each method but ultimately the decision is yours. Keep in mind that in some cases if the property is exactly what a buyer is looking for, they sometimes will pay more that what the seller and the agent had expected and Auction allow this to take place. This scenario almost never takes place in the For Sale process as the buyers offer always come in below the listed price.

5. Setting the list/reserve price

Your real estate agents Buderim will provide you with a list of recent sales on the Sunshine Coast of similar properties to your own. It is very important to listen to the advice of the professionals as over valuing you property is the number 1 mistake sellers make. Buyers have more research tools available to them than ever before and they generally have looked at over 30-40 properties before they make a decision. Setting a fair market value list/reserve price is the difference between selling in a timely manner or sitting on the market for a very long time. 


Our BMP real estate agents in Buderim are well known on the Sunshine Coast for providing our clients outstanding customer service and getting the job done. Our real estate marketing programs are first class will get you a great result.


Professional photography and comprehensive floor-plans are a key component to online marketing. The higher number of buyers looking at your property equates to more people through the door, more competition and the best sale price. Our team of the best real estate agents in Buderim will provide you with the very best advice on which package will best suit your properties price bracket. We will advertise you property on all the top real estate websites portals that includes, and the largest of all Broad online exposure will ensure a great sales result in a timely manner. Call our Buderim property sales team today.

BMP Property Management Sunshine Coast service areas: Our team of the best property managers and best real estate agents Buderim QLD Sunshine Coast offer top real estate service for the following areas - Buderim Qld 4556, Mountain Creek Qld 4557, Kuluin Qld 4558, Mooloolaba Qld 4557, Mons Qld 4556, Tanawha Qld 4556, Forest Glen Qld 4556 Buderim has a rich and colourful history dating back to the 1800’s as on of the first settlements on the Sunshine Coast. Just as every suburb on the Sunshine Coast has experienced, Buderim has grown vastly over the last two decades. As population numbers swelled, demand for real estate in Buderim also saw large increases. Buderim now enjoys the title of the Jewel in the crown on the Sunshine Coast as is widely regarded as the premier destination to buy property. Naturally the number of real estate agencies in Buderim has seen new players enter the industry and just as many leave. The number one feature Buderim locals are looking for is great customer service and this is our trademark. Our company reputation has stood the test of time and now proudly wears the badge of the best real estate agents in Buderim. We win if you love our service so challenge our staff to show you why we are different. Our motto is to go above and beyond great service. Visit our partner websites service areas real estate agents Nambour Qld , property management Nambour Qld , real estate agents Buderim Qld real estate agents Maroochydore Qld real estate agents Mooloolaba Qld , real estate agents Noosa Qld , property management Sunshine Coast Qld , real estate agents Sunshine Coast Qld . Our team works very hard to provide a service that we believe is among the best on offer. To build a great real estate agency takes great people and all of our staff will go the extra mile to make sure your dealing with us will be the best experience you will ever have. Book an appointment to get the full picture on what our company can do to help you with your real estate investments.

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