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Our property managers in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast understand that your rental property investments are acquired through hard work and planning to secure a prosperous financial future. Your investment assets must be generating constant income with your agent ensuring minimal downtime during the change over of tenants. Our screening process is the strictest in the country, ensuring we find you the best type of quality tenant. The VEDA tenant national database gives us the most advanced insight into a tenants rental and financial history. We provide everything from real estate blacklistings, historical bankruptcies, court judgments, unpaid debts and credit history. All tenants we approve will have passed all the strictest background checks. We pride ourselves on having the best management systems in the country.


The VEDA tenant national database is the frontline defence against delinquent tenants. It provides us with real estate blacklistings, historical bankruptcies, court judgments and unpaid debts. It also offers real-time, up-to-date information on a tenant's rental history. Our policy is no stone unturned, no detail overlooked, no exceptions and no bad tenants.


BMP Property Management Buderim offers the latest in property valuation technology, the Corelogic "Rental Intelli Valuation". Our real estate agency provides these rental valuation reports complementary to our clients. These rental valuation reports assess every recently rented property in the Buderim area and accurately calculate your investment property's current market rental price. Setting a competitive rental price will ensure your investment property has a low vacancy rate and returns top dollar. Order your free online report today.


We offer our clients access to the most advanced property management software in Australia.  This advanced management software allows us to keep our owners up to date with access to their private login portal. Intelligent automated messaging ensures our owners, tenants and suppliers are held in the loop with vital updated information. BMP Property Management Buderim uses PropertyME management systems.

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BMP Rental Property Manager Responsibilities in Buderim

BMP Property Management Buderim QLD


When you entrust your rental property to BMP Property Management in Buderim, you are not just hiring a manager; you're partnering with a team dedicated to maximizing your property's potential and ensuring the best possible experience for both landlords and tenants. Here is a detailed breakdown of our main responsibilities:


Professional Advertising:


Quality Photography: We understand the significance of first impressions. This is why we use professional photographs to present your property in the best light, emphasizing its unique features and attractions.

Prominent Online Listings: With our high-quality photos, we advertise on top platforms, and This broad reach ensures higher inquiries, attracting top-quality tenants.

Minimal Vacancy Periods: Our effective advertising strategies mean that your property will be occupied quicker, drastically reducing the downtime of vacancy.

Open House Inspections:


Showcasing the Property: Open houses are a fantastic opportunity to present your property to potential tenants. We ensure these inspections are conducted professionally, highlighting the best attributes of the property.

One-on-One Tenant Interaction: Meeting potential tenants in person allows us to better understand them and their needs, ensuring a great fit for your property.

Thorough Tenant Application Process:


Comprehensive Background Checks: We delve deep into each tenant's background. This includes checking the VEDA national tenancy database, which details criminal history, bankruptcies, court judgments, and any tenancy blacklistings.

Extreme Vetting: With our 'no stone unturned' policy, we ensure that every tenant passes our rigorous vetting procedures, guaranteeing a perfect match for your property.

Lease Management:


Drafting the Lease Agreement: Every property is unique, and so are its lease requirements. We draft lease agreements tailored to your property, ensuring both landlord and tenant responsibilities are clearly defined.

Bond Lodgment with the RTA: We handle all aspects of bond lodgment, ensuring that it's compliant with regulations and offering peace of mind to landlords.

Detailed Photographic Entry Reports: This detailed report ensures that both parties are aware of the property's initial condition, helping prevent future disputes.

Ensuring Compliance with Legislation:


Up-to-Date with Housing Standards: The rental landscape is ever-changing. We ensure your property aligns with Queensland's new minimum housing standards.

Safety First: We check for compliant photoelectric smoke alarms and electrical safety switches, ensuring tenant safety and landlord peace of mind.

Water and Utility Compliance: Our team ensures that each property is individually metered and water efficient. This not only saves resources but also allows landlords to charge for water consumption in accordance with regulations.

Diligent Property Oversight:


Timely Rent Collection:


We prioritize timely rent collection, ensuring a consistent revenue stream for landlords.

Maintenance and Upkeep: A well-maintained property attracts and retains quality tenants. We oversee maintenance tasks, ensuring that your property remains in top condition.

Lease Agreement Adherence: Our team actively ensures that tenants adhere to every aspect of their lease agreement, fostering a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship.

Five-Star Tenant Guarantee: Our dedication to the extreme vetting process and unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver a five-star tenant for your property every single time.


With BMP Property Management Buderim at the helm, landlords can relax knowing that their property is in the hands of professionals who prioritize their interests. From marketing to tenant selection and compliance, we cover every facet of property management, guaranteeing an unparalleled rental experience in Buderim.

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